Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

jeudi 17 octobre 2013


It has been just manic the past two weeks with so many trains, métros, cars, different beds, chit chatting, promoting, liaising, teaching, working, not too much playing but lots of smiles, hugs and did I mention the travelling?

How many times did I empty the battery of my iPhone and how many different places did I connect from.....
And no I am home

at least for a few days before I head to London for yet more days of yoga and meetings....
October is such an intense month and I sometimes forget just how beautiful it is in the Ardeche at this time. Today the sun shone bright and strong, I mowed the lawn and listened to the birds and practiced yoga in the beautiful October heat with the leaves turning colour almost as I practiced and the chestnuts fell all around me.

And my girls?
Well they enjoyed a Mummy and shopping day yesterday and I enjoyed seeing them smiling, laughing and playing.

Home .....

jeudi 10 octobre 2013

Paris - Redon - Nantes - Bordeaux - Paris

Its been a massive few days and still the yoga festival to come
I have fitted in my bedtime stories from a monastery, a café, dinner with friends and a train
As this travelling yogini Mum heads around France to spread the yogic word and keep things buzzing for her web site and yoga world.
It is a whirlwind of events, exchanges and travel - I know the sncf back to front now! but the residing thing that keeps coming out is how much love you can spread by simply being in front of people, taking their hand, smiling and sharing.... I am heading to Paris to just that this weekend for the Yoga Festival then I am heading straight back down to do that very same thing x 1000 to my girls

missing them terribly
love you ... love you more ... love you most

vendredi 4 octobre 2013

Travels & Connectivity by a yogicmummy

Mummy how long are you going away?

Such a hard thing to hear and explain to children who have no real concept of time but know that you are going away for a good for days. And boy this time its a long trip...Bordeaux, Paris, Redon, Nantes, Paris de nouveau...... Ooooffff even i am tired thinking about it
And being seperated from my babies, trying to stay connected to them and to myself and my practice as i travel is a real challenge

So i had an idea
Every evening i phone up when Clémentine is tucked up in bed and Mélodie can listen in. They give me the ingredients for a "make up story" and off i go. I close my eyes and tell them a story i know they will love with magic and horses and secret passages and a Mummy who is there with them in the story and i can feel their eyes lighting up as they travel with me along the make up way... As we fly through the air or play with wolves or chat under fruit trees to horses that talk

It is simply so special to share those moments and it helps me too ever evening to connect to them and feel their presence so close despite where i am

So as i head up to Paris on yet another train i can still be with them as they wait expectantly for the next episode.....

And my practice?
The same thing i wait until i can roll out a mat. Place my body in downward dog, breath and reconnect
Perfect to know that no matter where you are you can connect and breath, you can tell your children that you love them to the end of the universe and back and they can sleep wrapped up safe in that knowledge