Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

dimanche 21 juillet 2013

There is nothing more sweet than seeing your children sleeping so peacfully in their beds away in their dreams and their innocence except for seeing them wake up sleepy eyed, beautiful beyond description reaching out to put their arms around you and hug and kiss you in that fresh morning energy.

My little Clémentine turned 5 this week what an amazing moment

5 years ago both of us were in trouble and after Clémentine was born so tiny and I was rushed away into emergency surgery and did not know if I would see her first let alone her fifth birthday. But here we are and I am soooooo grateful for that! What a great day we had with cake, music, sunshine, pool time and laughter

Happy Birthday little Clémentine.....

lundi 15 juillet 2013


Its always an amazing moment for me and my girls to pack our things, hopes, and dreams into the back (and front and sides) of the car and head down south for a fez days of camping and beach. We love the whols thing! The idea of being able to create a whole fun space in a campsite that then just about fits into the car is already pretty amazing! Arriving and being able to cycle to the beach and spend the day running in the sand and the waves just makes it all the more special.

This year was no exception as we headed down to Gruissan plage near Narbonne for a few days of chill out beach time with my friend Nathaly and her daughter Elea. Valuable lessons were learnt by all about patience, respect and the tantrums of 5 year olds, 10 year olds and teenagers.... essentially all the same just in different sizes! Both Mums apart from in a couple of occasions stayed cool and managed the tent putting up and down, punctures, tired children and the desires and needs of all ages pretty well. We got a good tan, had a laugh and even got a little sleep thanks to blow up mattresses (thank God for those!)

Sad to leave the beach and head home so we took our time and had lunch in Sete just to stretch out the holiday a little further.
Back home and continued sun and heat makes me revel in my outside yoga practices - such a joy......
right when is the next holiday?