Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

lundi 23 septembre 2013

September and an Indian Ardeche Summer

It really has been just too manic to think straight. Finally this week I am getting through the pile of paper work, getting my head around the different school forms, club des sports documents etc... that need completing for this rentrée scolaire and yes of course trying to practice and juggle in my travels and work load. The girls patiently wait for me to tap away on the computer and I have to say I thoroughly enjoy the moment we get to snuggle infront of the X factor to watch people singing the heart and soul out.

It is never easy trying to juggle being a parent into our busy lives and especially when you are not always around. The Ardeche is beautiful but it is such a long way from where I often need to be. Why do you need to go to Paris, Bordeaux, etc.... ask my daughters and in fact my Mum. Because despite the age of technology you can't beat a good face to face, a lunch or a tea together to sort things out. Human contact is just soooooo important. And that's actually quite heart warming - to know that we all still need the human touch, a smile, a laugh, a shared moment. So yes I travel around like a wandering yogi but when I come home I hug my daughters as tight as I can ..... cos at the end of the day you can't beat a hug!

Check out my blog post on Wellicious for busy parents...... there is a great little meditation on there too for free. Enjoy!