Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

mercredi 6 novembre 2013

How to tackle the guilt of being away?

So October has been a huge month of travel and work terminating in several days in London and Paris concluding the shows for 2013 with London. Intense to say the least.

Returning to the Ardeche for a very full on 48 hours of sorting the garden, packing and moving back to Savoie for the girls return to school on Monday. Monday am school - new classes for both girls, canteen tickets bought and sorted, back the flat to sort the god knows how many bags, boxes etc... speedy descent to Bourg to collect their bus passes and do some shopping - the cat was starving (and shell shocked)!

So we are now at Wednesday and I am finally getting back on track with the computer jobs, back into the routine of school and homework here and yes its snowing already!

Before I head back to the Ardeche in a van to collect more stuff to cram int the garage etc.... I am getting up to date on my sites...

absent Mummy or not?
Difficult not to feel guilty when you are away for a period of time even with regular phone calls and emails you are not physically present. So how do we as working Mums cope with this and do Dad's feel the same when they go away.
Chatting to a girl friend of mine yesterday we both came to the conclusion that as long as you talk, tell the truth, send a lot of love your childrens' way then you can't do much more. They have after all only one Mummy who is always there even if not always physically. Is it a bad thing to show the example of a Mummy who works hard, enjoys her work and even shares her work and the fruits of it with her children?
I would say its a good thing
Not all would agree

So I apologised to my girls for not being around much in October and said that I hoped I was doing an OK job at being a mother if not quite conventional
Mélodie replied "your'e doing more than OK Mum your'e doing just great"
I love both of my girls so much and it seems like the made stories via telephone and the frequent reminders to do things, clean teeth, help tidy the house, do homework worked

as did the huge hug I gave them both when I came home with a pair of jeggings for Clementine and a shirt for Mélodie courtesy of Primark Oxford Street

guilt is difficult to deal with but at the end of the day we can only do our best with lots of love....