Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

dimanche 14 décembre 2014

Happy Christmas to you all !!!!!

Yes we have reached the season of frantic energy, present buying and plans for the Christmas and New Year period ! I totally love this time of year and just adore getting the house ready for the festivities – the lights, the excitement in my children’s eyes, choosing gifts for the family, planning & preparing food. Just love it…..
And traditionally I have also put out a Christmas letter – last year I was a little amiss in this as not only was I totally overwhelmed with work, moving and the Winter season kicking in with gusto I was going through a period of my life wrapped in change and I needed the dust to settle before I could write and share.
So as most of you know I am sure Christian and I have seperated and to coin a Gweneth Paltrow phrase we have « enjoyed a conscious uncoupling ». Very super star as a phrase but actually not far from the truth. We spend years finding out about each other, coupling as it were soi t is only natural that it takes time to uncouple. We are still great friends and continue to see each other a lot as the children grow around us so we have managed to transition as best as is possible……
We have sold our place in the Ardèche, I have now moved again into a new home just in the valley near to Séez and Bourg St Maurice and Christian stays in the flat until we manage to sel lit and the children have adapted really well to their routine with Dad and the one with Mum…..
Mélodie has moved to « big school » as has Clémentine really – both have changed schools this year. Mélodie is not in collège and with the help of her Mum gets up at 6.30am every morning (oh yes !!!!) to head off for an intense day that starts at 8am (Brits you do not know how good you have it with the lie ins you get compared to us !). Clémentine heads off at 8.15 to her new Primary school – a quaint affair where I aslo teach the children yoga once a week – I have become very creative with the postures and we have worked on light and dark, happiness and sadness, what colour are our inhalations and exhalations oh yes and some Ninja Yoga ! Mélodie is in a music option at school and loves it with guitar and singing lessons – we have been enjoying London Grammar from the choir group (so hip this french school of hers) and Clémentine is learning to read (call us of an evening and you will hear us chanting pu, pui, pak, bo, bu, ba….). Both girls have been loving their horse riding this year too and now of course we have the ski season so the skis are out and the girls are soon going to back skiing around.

I continue along my yoga path of adventures and 2015 is looking like an amazing year with 6 yoga holidays planned, the online web site doing really well, the Val d’Isère Yoga festival in its third year, Bliss Bordeaux looking like its happening again, I write a couple of blogs, am an amabassador for a couple of clothing brands – Wellicious, Yoga Searcher and Lole and I am even starting to teach in the Rhumatology department of a major Hospital in Paris. Ooooof….
Still loving my sport and have taken up cycling this Summer which is adddictive, love my running especially now my house is in the valley and I can run by the river for miles. Skiing of course and did I mention my new home….. ????!!!!
Totally loving my new space – the cat and the girls do to. So this Christmas will find us snuggled infront of the fire sourrounded by our incredible mountain landscape looking forward to a beautiful end to this very eventful year of change and uprooting as well as regrouping and getting back on track….

Huge love and light to you all

Happy Happy Christmas

lundi 13 octobre 2014

From Ballet Dancer (in my dreams) to yogini in many little steps

Stuggles and Yogini leaps

Elena Brower once said to me the best teachers especially yoga teachers are those who have at one or many points in their life struggled. I wondered if that might be true so I started to check out some people - friends, leaders, other teachers….. The surface level might not show the struggle but dig a little deeper and eye shall find!

Charlotte & Elena in Paris October 2014

Many people look at me now and comment on how radiant I look, presume that it has always been so, check out the Facebook page and see the different places I head to and the incredible luck of a lifestyle I have and leap to their own conclusions. That's fine I don't mind. But life has not always been like that and ups and downs, struggles and battles I have had and still work on daily…

When I was little I always dreamt about being a dancer, ballet maybe, but light on my feet, beautiful watch moving gracefully around a stage or just a garden. I remember being a clown in ballet class because I wasn't really like the other girls - about three times bigger, wider, taller than the other girls of my age. So I made them laugh.  I also remember my Mum making me a tutu for a watering can fairy performance on May Day at Ragley Hall in the UK and honestly the tutu was simply massive compared to the other girls. I felt clumsy and enormous even at the age of 5.  And yet only months later the tutu was already too small.

I wasn't what they might call now obese but I was large. I used to look at my thighs and think they looked like huge whole chickens. At 10 a girl at school called me a fat cow and I would love to say I had the confidence that I do now to come back with a clever quip but no, I internalised it all for years. Things did not improve as I got into my teens. Luckily the 80's fashion was leggings and big shirts - my shirts were massive! I couldn't fit into jeans and went crawling up to a size 16-18 

My body did not resemble me at all. Inside the ballet dancer swept gracefully full of feminine charm but outside I was clumsy and just made people laugh. At the age of 16 in a huge sized bathing costume that was cutting into my thighs on holiday in northern Africa with the family I decided I had to change. So with my Mum I went on a controlled diet and yes started to loose weight. It took time but the weight came off …. my Granny gave me some money when I got down to a reasonable weight to "go and buy some jeans" and I remember how pleased I was when I came out with my pépé jeans bag. My first pair in years having been restricted to M&S boys jeans for a while and then well leggings.

I found it a struggle to cope with the attention from the boys around me but that became less of an issue then the yo yo dieting that then took hold of me. I left home and had no parental influence and I took control - badly. A terribly relationship for a number of years just made matters worse - I did not know who to be, how to be, how to stop putting weight on, loosing it. With an addictive personality binge drinking then massive guilt trips were the norm and so was the eating disorder in my life. 

Fasting for days living on an apple or two then binge eating often with drink too then vomiting it all up became a regular routine. At my skinniest I was around 7 stone 10 but it never lasted long. I moved to London and things continued along the same lines although I managed to stabilise things a little by joining a gym and a running club where I could at least throw myself into sport to shake of the kilos. Although that in itself became addictive. 

I was in a massively masculine industry sales and IT at a time when the no pan no gain attitude was rife …. things were not improving. I just kept shutting the doors that needed opening. Partying and working hard to hide the pain, burying my femininity in drinking with the lads, flashy cars etc…. A London lifestyle

So what changed?

My boyfriend left me for a friend and after a healthy dose of partying I decided things had to change. I started to practice yoga….. It was the mid 1990s amidst a haze of career, ambition and living/working/partying hard and yoga found me.  Blocked in a masculine world fighting to be an equal and never achieving my very high goals. I found myself in an Ashtanga session one Sunday afternoon in a crowed chic gym surrounded by people in the know I left dripping wet, exhausted and intrigued. 

The journey had begun. After years of body issues, dieting, body-loathing, addictions, over exercises, guilt-tripping I slowly began practicing the odd Sun Salutation.  A little breathing and meditation here, a change in attitude there….  to appreciate the subtle changes that started to happen in my life.  I met my ski instructor husband which lead to a move to Val d'Isère, I settled into to life in a ski resort, started teaching, started living and moving differently. 

My skin looked better, my tummy bloated and cramped less, I started to let go of what I thought I should be and started to be who I wanted to be. Facing demons, allowing changes to happen, being afraid but doing it anyway – what had made me be this person…. Yoga? Surely not. But my practice continued, developed, flourished until I found myself on a hospital bed with trainee doctors saying its Crohn’s disease, the appendix, we need to operate…. Stop something radical had to happen. 

The good parts of life were filtering slowly in but persisting down a career path with no soul was not helping. The tummy specialist said to me that things had to change as he took the growths out of my intestines. 

So I quit…. Quite simple quit a hugely well paid job and left for an ashram and dived deeply into fear and challenge. I started to eat better, practice more, be happier, enjoy where I lived, what I was doing. 

Bit by bit I found out who I was, I liked who I was, I started to even like my body and stop dieting in faddish stints. In 2004 I discovered Shiva Rea and the Prana Flow tribe and boy was that a revelation. Suddenly it was ok to feel feminine to be in touch with your body, your sexual desires, the spontaneous energy of tantra…. Two pregnancies helped with the battle of body image although I found it tough to distinguish fat from being pregnant! but the main message?..

My life was changing!  and for the better!

My friend Lisa Hall died in November 2012 and I still miss her daily. She taught me to always believe there was a way, always keep your nails nice and ALWAYS Charlotte wear a nice bra and pants that match not for anyone else but you! Her death was a springboard for me to look at myself and my life. Sadly possibly for my ex husband it meant that our couple stopped being that and we separated but we are the absolute best of friends and he is one of the most amazing people I know - although he doesn't think or know it.

My life is still full of challenge some good, some bad. 

When I had my second daughter I had a terrible birth at the end with pre-eclamcia and then a haemorrhage. I was rushed for surgery and en route had an incredibly beautiful vision of angles just like the cover of One Hundred Thousand Angels by Bliss - it was so peaceful but I knew it was not my time. It couldn't be. 

I left hospital with a huge tummy and a tiny baby but we were alive and both of us fighters. We are both fit and well today…. but a third of my hair fell out whilst breast feeding and the post birth trauma frightened my hair into coming back grey so after a period of "natural" highlights I went back to being blond. Hence the shift in hair which so much more resembles me now. Life chucks stuff at you sometimes you duck sometimes it hits you in the face. You just have to decide which was you are going to turn, move, come back to or from.

Do I still look in the mirror every morning to check out the "fat" stakes - yes, but I care less! Life is for living and to the full. Its a beautiful roller coaster of ups and downs, love, death, life, joy and pain often in equal measure.

My hair (the colour might be "helped" but the condition is good), skin, eyes, body have all responded to this shift in attitude. Do I rayon now? Maybe I don't know its just what I am told but I do work at letting go and enjoying life and all that it contains ALL THE TIME. 

And the ballet dancer - well she still lives inside my head and nowhere else but Granny you would be proud of my high heel collection, I have plenty of floaty dresses and Lisa, you will be pleased to know I have a very healthy collection of fab underwear that I wear for me every day!!

Me and my beautiful girls Mélodie & Clémentine

vendredi 26 septembre 2014

A Single Yogic Mum

I have become a statistic 

Separated, two children and essentially a working single mum of two - more than common these days (sadly some would say)…. I have an amazing relationship with my ex and the girls father better probably than when we were married but the reality is I have become something I never really wanted to be.

Yes I have always been strong minded, independent, dynamic but that does not necessarily equate to wanting to be alone bringing up my children. But weekdays and half the holidays that's exactly what I am. Juggling work, me time and the kids into a jammed day is rewarding but tiring and when you don't have someone to snuggle up next to on the sofa at night for a huge hug then it can get lonely at times….

But better alone than "map accompagné" as they say in French which mean badly accompanied. Yes, I am better, stronger, happier most importantly but I did have visions of growing old with my partner with all that shared past and experience you don't need to explain. My parents are still together and are mostly happy I would say and so would they. They like I had visions of the long term but not to be.

This is not a blog insert to grumble its actually quite an empowering one to say that we can do it. We can be happy, single, a mum, do all the things around the house and garden - I can get up a ladder like the rest of them and store my Winter supply of wood single handedly but it would be soooo nice to have someone say well done darling I have poured you a nice glass of wine, a bath… etc….

Just sometimes…

My girls are being just super and I think even they are loving the new happy mood that adorns our house and their papa's but I think that they both would also like to see they Mummy fulfilled as a woman. What message are we sending to our children if we are not in couples? I don't think that my girls remember seeing me happy and in love and wrapped in the arms of the man i love. Despite my feminist ten dances I still have a desire to nuture the fairy tales maybe not that happiness in linked to a man sweeping you off you feet but at least that happiness can be found in a couple, it can be shared, fulfilling, loving, harmonious

now there's something to strive for!

mardi 29 juillet 2014

Plus Zen La Vie

I have started to write a bi-monthly article in Esprit Yoga magazine…

For all you French speakers out there here is the latest version or buy the magazine (if you are in France) or via their web site and enjoy...

Its the Summer & boy has this yogic mummy been busy

So yes we have arrived in July and I realise I haven't written a thing since May.

However I have been totally busy!
It has been the most hectic two months ever with a massive move from my Gites in the Ardeche as they sold on 5th May back up to Savoie, workshops in Paris, school holidays and beach time fun and buying a new house plus renovating it (not totally finished).

A massive whirlwind of events BUT

Incredibly all is sorting itself out now and I have to thank my children for being sooooo good about the whole moving thing and my beautiful ex husband and friend for life Christian for helping so much with the renovations. It has all been quite a journey but I have practiced, prayed, meditated and thanked along the way and I am so pleased to say that my body and mind have coped better than even I could have expected.

My new home is gorgeous and so homely and safe. The girls feel happy here and so do i

Gratitude …...

mercredi 14 mai 2014

Is it May already????


Time has just flown and been massively (and i mean massively) full on. So much going on and so many big things happening. The daily routine (do I even have one?) has just simply been there and been managed but life decisions and big life events and professional happenings have been flooding in my daily life…

Thoroughly enjoyable but full on!!!!!

The Val d'Isère Yoga festival…. the first two BLISS yoga festivals in Brides les Bains and Bordeaux…. selling my beautiful and beloved home and business in the Ardeche …. buying a new home … finishing a Winter season…. music auditions for Mélodie for collège and new school forms and hurdles to negotiate… and the school holidays with a family visit to Savoie to boot

bored - I simply don't have the time!!!!!!

Its been a roller coaster ride of a few months but life is good and full of happy challenges

I have thanks to my yoga practice kept my feet and my head firmly on the ground and after the madness of three days in Paris life has at least a couple of weeks rest (well sort of) as I stay at least in Savoie, get my new bikes and start my cycling fun and games (be gentle girlfriends)….

I breath a huge sigh of relief and actual marvel at my ability to juggle and manage all that life has so far thrown at me…

bring it on I say bring it on!!!!!

jeudi 27 mars 2014

End of one Relationship can be the beginning of a new one - even with the same person

This is not my article but it is sooooo what I have been going through recently and I couldn't agree more
To all those that are in the midst of transition, guess that means everyone. Received this essay from a my friend Niki Parker. About love, separation, divorce and uncoupling in a conscience, intelligent and loving way. Best thing I have read in awhile.

Dr. Habib Sadeghi & Dr. Sherry Sami 
on Conscious Uncoupling

Divorce is a traumatic and difficult decision for all parties involved—and there’s arguably no salve besides time to take that pain away. However, when the whole concept of marriage and divorce is reexamined, there’s actually something far more powerful—and positive—at play.

The media likes to throw around the statistic that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. It turns out that’s accurate: Many people are concerned about the divorce rate and see it as an important problem that needs to be fixed. But what if divorce itself isn’t the problem? What if it’s just a symptom of something deeper that needs our attention? The high divorce rate might actually be a calling to learn a new way of being in relationships.

Until Death Do Us Part

During the upper Paleolithic period of human history (roughly 50,000BC to 10,000BC) the average human life expectancy at birth was 33.[i] By 1900, U.S. life expectancy was only 46 for men, and 48 for women. Today, it’s 76 and 81 respectively.[ii] During the 52,000 years between our Paleolithic ancestors and the dawn of the 20th Century, life expectancy rose just 15 years. In the last 114 years, it’s increased by 43 years for men, and 48 years for women.

What does this have to do with divorce rates? For the vast majority of history, humans lived relatively short lives—and accordingly, they weren’t in relationships with the same person for 25 to 50 years. Modern society adheres to the concept that marriage should be lifelong; but when we’re living three lifetimes compared to early humans, perhaps we need to redefine the construct. Social research suggests that because we’re living so long, most people will have two or three significant long-term relationships in their lifetime.

To put in plainly, as divorce rates indicate, human beings haven’t been able to fully adapt to our skyrocketing life expectancy. Our biology and psychology aren’t set up to be with one person for four, five, or six decades. This is not to suggest that there aren’t couples who happily make these milestones—we all hope that we’re one of them. Everyone enters into a marriage with the good intention to go all the way, but this sort of longevity is the exception, rather than the rule. It’s important to remember too, that just because someone is still married doesn’t mean they’re happy or that the relationship is fulfilling. To that end, living happily ever after for the length of a 21st century lifetime should not be the yardstick by which we define a successful intimate relationship: This is an important consideration as we reform the concept of divorce.

End of the Honeymoon

Nearly everyone comes into a new marriage idealizing their partner. Everything is perfect in their minds because they’ve misidentified what marriage is really about. As far as they’re concerned, they’ve found the love of their life, the person who understands them completely. Yes, there will be hiccups in the process, but by and large, there’s no more learning left to do. They’ll both be the same people 10 or 20 years from now as they are today. When we idealize our partners, things initially go very well as we project positive qualities onto them. This is called the honeymoon phase.

Sooner or later, the honeymoon ends and reality sets in. This is usually when we stop projecting positive things onto our partners and begin to project our negative issue onto them instead. Unfortunately, this creates a boomerang effect as these negative issues always come right back to us, triggering our unconscious and long-buried negative internal objects, which are our deepest hurts, betrayals, and traumas. This back-and-forth process of projection and aggravation can escalate to the point where it impacts our psychic structure with even more trauma.

Because we believed so strongly in the “until death do us part” concept, we see the demise of our marriage as a failure, bringing with it shame, guilt, or regret. Since most of us don’t want to face what we see as a personal failure, we retreat into resentment and anger, and resort to attacking each other instead. We’ve put on our armor and we’re ready to do battle. What we don’t realize is that while a full body shield may offer a level of self-protection, it’s also a form of self-imprisonment that locks us inside a life that repeats the same mistakes over and over again.

Intimacy & Insects

To understand what life is really like living with an external shield, we have to examine the experts: Insects. Beetles, grasshoppers, and all other insects have an exoskeleton. The structure that protects and supports their body is on the outside. Not only are they stuck in a rigid, unchanging form that provides no flexibility, they are also at the mercy of their environment. If they find themselves under the heel of a shoe, it’s all over. That’s not the only downside: Exoskeletons can calcify, leading to buildup and more rigidity.

By contrast, vertebrates like dogs, horses, and humans have an endoskeleton. Our support structure is on the inside of our bodies, giving us exceptional flexibility and mobility to adapt and change under a wide range of circumstances. The price for this gift is vulnerability: Our soft outside is completely exposed to hurt and harm every day.

Life is a spiritual exercise in evolving from an exoskeleton for support and survival to an endoskeleton. Think about it. When we get our emotional support and wellbeing from outside ourselves, everything someone says or does can set us off and ruin our day. Since we can’t control or predict what another person does, our moods are at the mercy of our environment. We can’t adapt to the situation if our intimate partner doesn’t behave the way we think they should. Everything is then perceived as a personal attack and attempt to upset us. Up goes our armor and it’s all-out war.

With an internal support structure, we can stand strong because our stability doesn’t depend on anything outside ourselves. We can be vulnerable and pay attention to what’s happening around us, knowing that whatever comes, we have the flexibility to adapt to the situation. There’s a reason we call cowards spineless: It takes great courage to drop your armor, expose your soft inside, and come to terms with the reality of what’s happening around you. It’s a powerful thing to then realize that you can survive it. When we examine our intimate relationships from this perspective, we realize that they aren’t for finding static, lifelong bliss like we see in the movies. They’re for helping us evolve a psycho-spiritual spine, a divine endoskeleton made from conscious self-awareness so that we can evolve into a better life without recreating the same problems for ourselves again and again. When we learn to find our emotional and spiritual support from inside ourselves, nothing that changes our environment or relationships can unsettle us.

There’s a scientific theory by Russian esotericist, Peter Ouspensky, that the creation of insects was a failed attempt by nature to evolve a higher form of consciousness. There was a time millions of years ago when insects were enormous—a dragonfly’s wings were three feet across. So why didn’t they end up being the dominant species on earth? Because they lacked flexibility, which is what evolution is all about, and couldn’t adapt to changing conditions like humans can. The lives of people who imprison themselves in an exoskeleton of anger usually don’t evolve the way they’d like them to, either. Being trapped inside negative energy like anger and resentment keeps people from moving forward in life because they can only focus on the past. Even worse, over time, these powerful emotions often turn into disease in the body.

Conscious Uncoupling

To change the concept of divorce, we need to release the belief structures we have around marriage that create rigidity in our thought process. The belief structure is the all-or-nothing idea that when we marry, it’s for life. The truth is, the only thing any of us have is today. Beyond that, there are no guarantees. The idea of being married to one person for life is too much pressure for anyone. In fact, it would be interesting to see how much easier couples might commit to each other by thinking of their relationship in terms of daily renewal instead of a lifetime investment. This is probably the reason why so many people say their long-term relationships changed overnight, once they got married. The people didn’t change, but the expectation did.

If we can recognize that our partners in our intimate relationships are our teachers, helping us evolve our internal, spiritual support structure, we can avoid the drama of divorce and experience what we call a conscious uncoupling. A conscious uncoupling is the ability to understand that every irritation and argument was a signal to look inside ourselves and identify a negative internal object that needed healing. Because present events always trigger pain from a past event, it’s never the current situation that needs the real fixing. It’s just the echo of an older emotional injury. If we can remain conscious of this during our uncoupling, we will understand it’s how we relate to ourselves internally as we go through an experience that’s the real issue, not what’s actually happening.

From this perspective, there are no bad guys, just two people, each playing teacher and student respectively. When we understand that both are actually partners in each other’s spiritual progress, animosity dissolves much quicker and a new paradigm for conscious uncoupling emerges, replacing the traditional, contentious divorce. It’s only under these circumstances that loving co-parenting can happen. It’s conscious uncoupling that prevents families from being broken by divorce and creates expanded families that continue to function in a healthy way outside of traditional marriage.

Wholeness in Separation

It seems ironic to say that a marriage coming apart is the cause of something else coming together, but it’s true. Conscious uncoupling brings wholeness to the spirits of both people who choose to recognize each other as their teacher. If they do, the gift they receive from their time together will neutralize their negative internal object that was the real cause of their pain in the relationship. If we can allow ourselves this gift, our exoskeleton of protection and imprisonment will fall away and offer us the opportunity to begin constructing an endoskeleton, an internal cathedral, with spiritual trace minerals like self-love, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness. This process allows us to begin projecting something different into the world because we’ve regained a missing part of our heart. This addition to our psychic infrastructure creates a wholeness that supports our own growth and ability to co-parent consciously.

Coming Together

The misunderstandings involved in divorce also have much to do with the lack of intercourse between our own internal masculine and feminine energies. Choosing to hide within an endoskeleton and remain in attack mode requires a great imbalance of masculine energy. Feminine energy is the source of peacemaking, nurturing, and healing. Cultivating your feminine energy during this time is beneficial to the success of conscious uncoupling. When our masculine and feminine energies reach equilibrium once more, we can emerge from our old relationship and consciously call in someone who reflects our new world, not the old one.

Naturally, divorce is much easier if both parties choose to have a conscious uncoupling. However, your experience and personal growth isn’t conditional on whether or not your spouse chooses to participate. You can still receive the lessons he or she has to give you, resist being baited into dramatic arguments, and stand firm in your internal, spiritual support system. By choosing to handle your uncoupling in a conscious way, regardless of what’s happening with your spouse, you’ll see that although it looks like everything is coming apart; it’s actually all coming back together.

samedi 22 février 2014

February and its intense


how can I fit more into a day
with huge difficulty and how to deal with everything life is throwing at me?
With difficulty …

I have been juggling my kids, an incredible busy work time in resort and the run up to the Yoga festival in Val d'Isère which is proving a huge task with a mass of teachers turning up in a few days and hopefully a mass of students too.

And its been tricky juggling everything with the kids, trying to be a good Mum, a good daughter, a good everything and the news that I have a cracked meniscus coupled with needing a new car an life throwing its max of challenges at me its been hard to think of me.

So what have I tried to do?

take baths
be….. not easy!
but I have tried and hopefully I am doing what I need to
not easy but…

life isn't easy and its a true test of our yogic skills if we can stay calm, centred and on the whole, ok! whilst life is throwing shit at you!

much love to you all

samedi 18 janvier 2014

Its the year of the horse…..

2014 and galloping

It has been a while since I penned a yogic mummy text but I have not been static. Life has moved into a pace I can only call frantic and the days are getting longer and nights shorter – ie I am eating into the night time hours to catch up on things I just have not been able to cram into the spaces of time I have.

Life has changed rather radically as I moved out familiar surroundings and into a new home, as I started to share my children’s time with my husband and we both got used to being apart after 14 years together, as the Winter season has kicked in a pace with new students, rooms, time schedules and as all sorts of new projects get under way……

But despite all the change, late nights, tiring days there a few amazing and beautiful things that are surfacing and that make me realise a) I have made totally the right decision to act on the deepest truths within me and b) that I am extremely lucky to have the life I have.

My relationship with my ex is possibly the best it has ever been on a beautiful friendship level that only comes from two people who have shared so much together and still car deeply as people for each other. My children have I have to say flourished over the past few months and seem hapier and more sorted now than ever before. I have some incredible friends – i love you all – who have sent me little gifts or messages that just make me smile deeply inside. And I have a new home that I deeply love – it is a space I have created for me and my girls and I feel whole and happy there.

Our root chakra sources are so important regardless of who we are or what we are experiencing. Our home and our families happiness is such a vital source of our deepest purest energy and the ability to show, give and accept love from and for those around us is so important to our spiritual well being.

Over Christmas I was with my family in the UK. My sister in law’s Dad died over the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve period and I wis that pain on nobody but strange as it sounds I was so pleased that I was there in the thick of things and the heart of my loved ones able to help for once and be a part of the pain – I am so pften far away and emails, phone calls and skype just can’t beat rounding the children up and running around in the park for two hours together. It makes me think of those far from their loved ones when disaster – as it so often has of late – strikes. Being close to ou loved ones, feeling their pain and their joy is such a massive part of our make up. We need these connections.

Life is not static and change does happen – it doesn’ t need to be bad, or big or dramitic. But it does need love and just a little space to be able to happen fluidly. And so 2014 opens its arms to us all.

A friend of mine tells me its the year of the horse. So lets climb aboard and ride along the crest of this fabulous wave and gallop with joy into the horizon

Love live life !!!!!!!!