Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

mardi 12 janvier 2016

Rayonnez de l’Intérieur

New Years Resolutions…
NO strike that

For many years like many many people I made my New Year's Resolutions. Eat less, sleep more, work harder whatever. But if my 45 years have taught me anything - 45 years, two children and a divorce - its that you cannot plan everything. Resolutions tend to lead to feeling of guilt when things don't happen as you have planned. 
So this year after a very busy festive period but a quieter start to the New Year I have decided to lay intentions in place as opposed to resolutions. Intentions that I wish and hope to flood my life with, my daily actions, small maybe but continual intentions.
So as 2016 opens its big doors I gaze wide eyed and child like and the surprising unfolding of all its beauty and challenge.
Joy - Peace - Love

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