Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

lundi 13 juin 2011

Huge delay but the family is all fine!!!!

oooff well a big sigh of relief as things start to at least sort themselves out if not calm down! Filming, web site development, dvd revamps, a yoga retreat, getting the gites ready and life has generally taken up masses of our time hence living in the moment and with the girls as opposed to online! As many know I am not the one to spend hours online even if it might look like that and infact I am about to go outside and enjoy the few rays of sun that the uk has offered in the last few days very shortly! Life has certainly been very busy but the girls have been and continue to flourish with the shared parenting responsibilities - thank god my husband is very involved - the two homes and schools and the various yoga activties that seemlessly happen around them. If I have a tip to any of you it would be don't hide your yoga practise away from your kids as the more you practise around them the easier it becomes. My girls are so used to me practising early in the morning as they come down for breakfast - never stop them disturbing you though - let them come over and give you a kiss, a hug and quick exchange before they get their breakfast. You are far calmer with them after practise than if you don't. So I find myself in the UK and life is good despite rubbish weather. Off to Shiva Rea's retreat on Thursday in London can't wait.....and then heading back to France after they have induldged in some serious granny and grandad time on 20th. Much love to all

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