Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

samedi 23 juillet 2011

Busy summer weeks despite the colder weather

So as usualy life is busy as the summer holidays are in full swing without sadlly the best of weather . The girls and Christian have had colds, I've had a throat infection, we have had rain, wind, storms, sun and pretty much everything this week. Clementine celebrated her 3rd birthday and I count myself lucky to have seen this as both Clementine and I nearly didn't make it past her birth so her smiles and the family games together made it very special. Even my buttefly cakes were a hit although twister straight after them was a little uncomfortable! This week help is at hand as Helena arrives from the uk to look after the children in return for some french improvement and food and pool time....I think we can manage that.... right off to bed - enjoy your weekend....

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