Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

vendredi 7 octobre 2011

The Message for all yogis and yoginis

So being a Mum is very special and naturally our children are important as we guide and nurture them through life. I am not a Mum however who relishes in the mundane toddler bit nor do I support kindly the winging phase - nor do I feel that is my role as a Mum to sacrifice my all for my kids - by that I mean I try and be the best Mum I can possibly be but never do I sacrifice what I need to feel is still essential to me - my own essence. My yoga practise is such an integral part of my day and I would encourage each and every one to practise as much as you can as it is only through practise, meditation and loving from within that you will be better Mums and Dads. You can make an amazingly big difference to your own life and to that of your children just by spening some time on yourself - don't let that go and love what is within you. Deep felt gratitude to my family for allowing me to do just that! Namaste

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