Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

dimanche 6 novembre 2011

Return to Savoie after holidays in Morocco & a trip to Paris & London!

Well the momeht of October has been a full one both in terms of work but thankfully in terms of yoga, play and rest too.... finally we have enjoyed our first family holiday since the birth of Clementine (who is now 3!) in Morocco and work on the yoga web site has reached the point of almost ready to get everything together and online. A trip to the London Yoga Show and a night out at Mama Mia with my Mum and Melodie and a weekend in Paris for Ron and Marla Meenakshi's yoga workshop finished the 2 weeks of holiday and we have now packed our bags and headed for savoie. It has rained constantly since we have been here but we are least in and sorted and ready to face the Winter......more entries to follow as I get more organised! namaste

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