Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

lundi 5 décembre 2011

5th December 2011

Large gaps in between entries at the moment due to a very hectic schedule and the post emotional state of my friend Lisa's death. Life though is good - the girls are well and Melodie and I even managed a yoga session together this weekend. Melodie skied and Clementine wenton the lunge... it is finally snowing here! Life over the last couple of weeks....FRANTIC! Annecy filming, London filming and web site meetings, Winter season classes starting, a workshop, life in general, help at the school, Christmas shopping and somewhere in the midst of that my own practise... long days but all is looking amazingly bright and incredibly not stressed at all! My niece Hollie is having her naming ceremony today to officially welcome her to the family - my Brother and wife adopted her earlier this year and she is gorgeous - a great cousin foor my girls and a sweet sister to Herbie. All the family are well and busy.... and did I mention its snowing! Christian celebrated his 62nd birthday on 17th and we walked up to the Lac de Sassiere (a rare treat at this time of year - see photo) and now we are all looking forward to some family skiing outings - this Wednesday is the plan.... watch this space....namaste

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