Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

vendredi 16 novembre 2012

It is already mid November where has the time gone? I am staggered with
A) how fast the last weeks have gone
B) how much i have manged to do in the last few weeks

We have moved from Ardeche to Savoie girls, cat, lock stock and barrel (well actually not as i am now duscovering the things i have forgotten) and we have set up in the mountains for another season. The weather is totally stunning up here and i will post a photo tomorrow to show you the absolute beauty of this part if the world. The girls have settled back to school in Tignes i am working like a trogan and heading up to Paris again next week for filming and meetings, classes have started and all is now after a few flakey days settling down.......

We celebrate Christian's birthday tomorrow with the girls and no doubt the X factor.......and probably a good glass of wine......perfect!

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