Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

jeudi 3 janvier 2013

Rebirth for 2013

As we arrive at the end of this challenging year we can all be responsible for small and major changes in the universe around us. As we decide to change and vibrate differently in our own lives and in our interactions with those around us. Despite the global challenges and the foreboding messages that we have been approaching the end of the world, the world we live in is still an amazingly beautiful place. We can choose to stay in the dogma and negativity of the media and the general mélé of the world or we can choose to take this « end » as a new begginning, one where each and every one of us can live life to the full, with just a little more love and gratitude, with just a touch more lightness, with loving kindness emitting from the heart. If each and every one of us decides to live like this we start to affect those around us, the things we do, the things we decide not to do. Our small impact has a ripple affect and we can create small waves that permeate outwards and create in turn bigger waves – then the universe progressively starts to vibrate on a different level. Each individual drop of positivity merges like the streams into the rivers and oceans of life.

Mother Teresa said « We cannot do great things only small things with much love » and that is exactly what we should do at this start of 2013. Leave the regrets of 2012 behind, dwell briefly on your achievements of the past year and then spread out the intention of living fully with « much love »  - we can individually spread loving gratitude and project an intention of love and positive appreciation so that our small ripples can spread and allow the greater ocean of life to flow more freely.

Happy New Year

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