Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

mercredi 6 mars 2013

For thse who know me you will know that my body has been quite an issue over the years and if anyone had told me I would be photographed in HD in a magazine doing yoga poses I would have said you are mad! But in the March edition of Esprit Yoga you can see me doing the advanced sequence of poses and preparation for mermaid pose. I hope you like them - go and buy the magazine if you are in France......

Life continues to be manic as I progress with the festival, web site, the school holidays (thank god for Mélodie and her independance and the amazing Village des Enfants in Val) ..... can I get any busier? No; But is it all well and lenty of fun projects afoot too

Who said being a yogini was about meditating and chilling out all the time? I have never been busier or happier!

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