Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

jeudi 9 mai 2013

Life has been more than hectic of late as one season closes and another begins
The Winter is now a distant memory and we are busy getting the Ardeche property ready for retreats and Summer guests - endless days of weeding, cleaning, painting, replacing broken things, shopping......
Thank God my parents are here and Dad is busy cookng away and Mum is looking after the kids - well they both are.
Such a God send I don't what I would do without them....

The ardeche is just an amazing place to ressource yourself and despite the had work the pace is different and we are slowly shifting into Summer mode
The children have changed schools down frm the 28 kid classrooms to about 14 in the whole school and seem happy enough in their new surroundings
I have stopped teaching in the evening which makes the pace of my life so much softer thank goodness - wee all need to get smething back to be able to give and we are getting used (as is our cat) to the space we suddenly have after living in 70 square metres we now have a lounge that size!

so has the sun sets down here and the nightime rain nourrishes the garden I smile and look forward to new challenges.....


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