Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

mercredi 19 juin 2013

It has been an amazing month for yoga events...

My cooking retreat in the Ardeche was a great success and I loved having the yogis here with wonderful spicey smells coming out daily from the kitchen. Paris and filming with Arthritis - yoga sessions for those suffering with Arthritus and pain and then onto the Rochelle for the first ever yoga festival - YogaSurAtlantique which was a fantastic event and then returning via Paris and meetings wit Mika de Brito to discuss te world of yoga in France as it expands and explodes to the surface before trekking down to Biarritz for the meet-up Place Bellevue (and it is) and the launch of their new shop and studio. Caroline Belliard gave an amazing class and we all loved the sunny vibes donw there.

The only bummer - my car broke down and is still down near Bordeaux (sigh does that mean I need to go down there again to the coast yeh!!!!!)!

The girls are thrilled though as I am now sporting a rented Fiat 500 which is the collest car ever!

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