Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

samedi 18 janvier 2014

Its the year of the horse…..

2014 and galloping

It has been a while since I penned a yogic mummy text but I have not been static. Life has moved into a pace I can only call frantic and the days are getting longer and nights shorter – ie I am eating into the night time hours to catch up on things I just have not been able to cram into the spaces of time I have.

Life has changed rather radically as I moved out familiar surroundings and into a new home, as I started to share my children’s time with my husband and we both got used to being apart after 14 years together, as the Winter season has kicked in a pace with new students, rooms, time schedules and as all sorts of new projects get under way……

But despite all the change, late nights, tiring days there a few amazing and beautiful things that are surfacing and that make me realise a) I have made totally the right decision to act on the deepest truths within me and b) that I am extremely lucky to have the life I have.

My relationship with my ex is possibly the best it has ever been on a beautiful friendship level that only comes from two people who have shared so much together and still car deeply as people for each other. My children have I have to say flourished over the past few months and seem hapier and more sorted now than ever before. I have some incredible friends – i love you all – who have sent me little gifts or messages that just make me smile deeply inside. And I have a new home that I deeply love – it is a space I have created for me and my girls and I feel whole and happy there.

Our root chakra sources are so important regardless of who we are or what we are experiencing. Our home and our families happiness is such a vital source of our deepest purest energy and the ability to show, give and accept love from and for those around us is so important to our spiritual well being.

Over Christmas I was with my family in the UK. My sister in law’s Dad died over the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve period and I wis that pain on nobody but strange as it sounds I was so pleased that I was there in the thick of things and the heart of my loved ones able to help for once and be a part of the pain – I am so pften far away and emails, phone calls and skype just can’t beat rounding the children up and running around in the park for two hours together. It makes me think of those far from their loved ones when disaster – as it so often has of late – strikes. Being close to ou loved ones, feeling their pain and their joy is such a massive part of our make up. We need these connections.

Life is not static and change does happen – it doesn’ t need to be bad, or big or dramitic. But it does need love and just a little space to be able to happen fluidly. And so 2014 opens its arms to us all.

A friend of mine tells me its the year of the horse. So lets climb aboard and ride along the crest of this fabulous wave and gallop with joy into the horizon

Love live life !!!!!!!!

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