Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

samedi 22 février 2014

February and its intense


how can I fit more into a day
with huge difficulty and how to deal with everything life is throwing at me?
With difficulty …

I have been juggling my kids, an incredible busy work time in resort and the run up to the Yoga festival in Val d'Isère which is proving a huge task with a mass of teachers turning up in a few days and hopefully a mass of students too.

And its been tricky juggling everything with the kids, trying to be a good Mum, a good daughter, a good everything and the news that I have a cracked meniscus coupled with needing a new car an life throwing its max of challenges at me its been hard to think of me.

So what have I tried to do?

take baths
be….. not easy!
but I have tried and hopefully I am doing what I need to
not easy but…

life isn't easy and its a true test of our yogic skills if we can stay calm, centred and on the whole, ok! whilst life is throwing shit at you!

much love to you all

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