Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

mercredi 14 mai 2014

Is it May already????


Time has just flown and been massively (and i mean massively) full on. So much going on and so many big things happening. The daily routine (do I even have one?) has just simply been there and been managed but life decisions and big life events and professional happenings have been flooding in my daily life…

Thoroughly enjoyable but full on!!!!!

The Val d'Isère Yoga festival…. the first two BLISS yoga festivals in Brides les Bains and Bordeaux…. selling my beautiful and beloved home and business in the Ardeche …. buying a new home … finishing a Winter season…. music auditions for Mélodie for collège and new school forms and hurdles to negotiate… and the school holidays with a family visit to Savoie to boot

bored - I simply don't have the time!!!!!!

Its been a roller coaster ride of a few months but life is good and full of happy challenges

I have thanks to my yoga practice kept my feet and my head firmly on the ground and after the madness of three days in Paris life has at least a couple of weeks rest (well sort of) as I stay at least in Savoie, get my new bikes and start my cycling fun and games (be gentle girlfriends)….

I breath a huge sigh of relief and actual marvel at my ability to juggle and manage all that life has so far thrown at me…

bring it on I say bring it on!!!!!

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