Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

dimanche 14 décembre 2014

Happy Christmas to you all !!!!!

Yes we have reached the season of frantic energy, present buying and plans for the Christmas and New Year period ! I totally love this time of year and just adore getting the house ready for the festivities – the lights, the excitement in my children’s eyes, choosing gifts for the family, planning & preparing food. Just love it…..
And traditionally I have also put out a Christmas letter – last year I was a little amiss in this as not only was I totally overwhelmed with work, moving and the Winter season kicking in with gusto I was going through a period of my life wrapped in change and I needed the dust to settle before I could write and share.
So as most of you know I am sure Christian and I have seperated and to coin a Gweneth Paltrow phrase we have « enjoyed a conscious uncoupling ». Very super star as a phrase but actually not far from the truth. We spend years finding out about each other, coupling as it were soi t is only natural that it takes time to uncouple. We are still great friends and continue to see each other a lot as the children grow around us so we have managed to transition as best as is possible……
We have sold our place in the Ardèche, I have now moved again into a new home just in the valley near to Séez and Bourg St Maurice and Christian stays in the flat until we manage to sel lit and the children have adapted really well to their routine with Dad and the one with Mum…..
Mélodie has moved to « big school » as has Clémentine really – both have changed schools this year. Mélodie is not in collège and with the help of her Mum gets up at 6.30am every morning (oh yes !!!!) to head off for an intense day that starts at 8am (Brits you do not know how good you have it with the lie ins you get compared to us !). Clémentine heads off at 8.15 to her new Primary school – a quaint affair where I aslo teach the children yoga once a week – I have become very creative with the postures and we have worked on light and dark, happiness and sadness, what colour are our inhalations and exhalations oh yes and some Ninja Yoga ! Mélodie is in a music option at school and loves it with guitar and singing lessons – we have been enjoying London Grammar from the choir group (so hip this french school of hers) and Clémentine is learning to read (call us of an evening and you will hear us chanting pu, pui, pak, bo, bu, ba….). Both girls have been loving their horse riding this year too and now of course we have the ski season so the skis are out and the girls are soon going to back skiing around.

I continue along my yoga path of adventures and 2015 is looking like an amazing year with 6 yoga holidays planned, the online web site doing really well, the Val d’Isère Yoga festival in its third year, Bliss Bordeaux looking like its happening again, I write a couple of blogs, am an amabassador for a couple of clothing brands – Wellicious, Yoga Searcher and Lole and I am even starting to teach in the Rhumatology department of a major Hospital in Paris. Ooooof….
Still loving my sport and have taken up cycling this Summer which is adddictive, love my running especially now my house is in the valley and I can run by the river for miles. Skiing of course and did I mention my new home….. ????!!!!
Totally loving my new space – the cat and the girls do to. So this Christmas will find us snuggled infront of the fire sourrounded by our incredible mountain landscape looking forward to a beautiful end to this very eventful year of change and uprooting as well as regrouping and getting back on track….

Huge love and light to you all

Happy Happy Christmas

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