Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

mercredi 28 janvier 2015

Its the New Year…. and its almost February…
Have I caught up after the festive season have I hell!!!

It has just been so busy but such fun to start the year with so many things going on.
In brief..

Yoga Classes - à fond!
The girls…. working hard at school although Clémentine's dictée leaves something to be desired and Mélodie was doing so well at guitar and skiing but has now fractured her wrist grrrr
Trips to Paris - one VERY hectic one
Two Yoga Festivals - yep check under way
Skiing season underway and yes the legs have had a good few outings now
Running - back on track and a half marathon and trail race planned for later this year
My Yoga Practice - trying to fit it in…
Princesse the car starting to fight her cornet with the massive male cats around
Yoga Retreats organised for 2015 - yes 6 of them
Yoga Retreats for me booked - zero (need to sort that one!)
Desnowing the drive - check
Taxi driver skills getting very good
Addiction to Netflix series yep on it! (Luther, Orange is the New Black, Modern Family & Broadchurch under wraps!)
Holiday to Canada, South of France x2 & ….. yes!
Sleep lacking
New man found …. check :)

oooff 2015 has started in fine form!

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