Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

mardi 17 mars 2015

Seeing yourself on TV -its a strange thing especially in HD

Seeing yourself on TV -its a strange thing especially in HD

You know when you have come a long way when a TV programme calls you and asks you to go on and talk about your past. What did you do, why did you stop, how are you now…

Its a strange thing to go over your past and look at photos of yourself as you were before and then as you are now. Its been pretty therapeutic actually turning a amazing chapter in my life with Christian and  now moving on….

And a radio station too wished to talk about my life and how I have gone over various challenges asking where I come from, what my key dates are, what do I feel is the meaning of life ...

And its tied in with Springtime and a massive flu illness as if my body is getting rid of past issues not in a bad way but in a good tying up loose ends and leaving as they say in Mutant Message the spiral a little bigger and music behind me (well I hope so anyway).

So I am embracing all life's challenges and the Springtime glory and am going for it!!!!

here is a clip from the TV show Toute Une Histoire when I am telling the presenter what happened to my body…. and here is another one when the psychologist rips me to shreds


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