Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

vendredi 18 mars 2011

18th March 2011

So I've decided as life is sooooo busy at the moment and I need to try and preserve some time for my own practise and some of course for my children (and husband) that I will only make an entry a week on this site.... so this week has been a real test of patience and calm as I have rollarcoasted from being very ill with flu at the weekend to my DVDs messing up to becoming a major taxi driver for the girls and up and down the moutain for work and general house stuff and then my car radiator decided to leak and so it is now sick too at the garage and so ..... yes deep breath, practise some detachment and enjoy the world around us! So the fog it now lifting from these many events and quite literally outside so for a couple of hours I am going out for a ski before I head down the moutain to collect my now mended car......have an amazing weekend - I'm going climbing, skiing, swimming and of course am practising yoga and teaching - so a quiet one then! namaste

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