Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

vendredi 9 septembre 2011

9th September 2011

Its the return to school and a feel parents around the country breath a sigh of relief - in France at least it is a huge time of year a little like New Year with resolutions and projects starting all over the place. My daughter Melodie turned 8 on Monday which was also the return to school and after being somewhat shy and not too confident in June before the holidays sailed through her first day and week at school - cos she is 8 now of course! Clementine age 3 is a little more tear ridden although today no tears and quite happily left her doodoo (teddy) by the coats ready for the sleep time this afternoon. And Mummy well with my gites now almost empty and the children at school yoga practise is just that bit quieter and just that bit more personal and deep. I give profound gratitude to my children for everything they teach me and everything I learn from them, for the love I have for them and that they return but oh boy is it lovely to be able to practise in peace! And as its still sunny here I get peace and outside sunny energy - just a perfect rentree for this busy yogic Mum....enjoy joys & stay with that positive new start energy. Namaste

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