Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

mercredi 8 août 2012

Gosh when was the last time I posted some messages

so today 8th August 2012 its hot and sticky, the kids are at the pool shouting with delight and I am about to join them before some yoga fun in the garden. Juggling the school holidays is always tricky and no more so than when you are trying to work as well but I am at the very least trying to be there for the kids when it matters. Yogic life continues and each day I find that time to go and sit, practise and be at one with myself and the world around me. My home is a very special place and the place I live in during the Summer an incredibly beautiful space to deeply enjoy nature.....

I have just bought a road bike and yesterday took it for a spin up the mountain - the views were simply stunning!

so.... the pool is calling.... I will be posting a little more regularly from now on in for those who read this.... the next three weeks are going to be wonderful with lots of yoga things afoot - a trip to Chamonix for the Lole Yoga meet-up on 18th August, photo shoots for a ski and yoga article, time with my kids doing fun stuff in the garden and by the river and the end of August I finally get a break with my girls camping in Gruissan. Yoga on the beach and some serious switch off time!

Love and light to all

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