Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

samedi 22 décembre 2012

Just a few days to go until Christmas and things are getting about as busy as they can be in this yogic mummy's life. Unlike many people we don't wind down for Christmas he we speed up! The winter season is in full swing with snow in ambundance and work loads massive. Whilst others arrive on holiday and our chidlren are on holiday we work even harder.

Christmas in our house is far from conventional especially this year as we are having a real electic group of people for a buffet christmas feast, we will be skiing and snowman making, i will be taking some time out to meditate and practise even on Christmas Day and also reconnecting with my family whonare rarely near me at this time of year and of course watching amazed as my children enjoy the surprises and magic of Christmas.

I love this time of year though but it is always just a touch too frantic however i never forget to offer huge gratitude to the universal energy for everything we have. Caring sharing hugging loving beng......

Happy christmas to you all

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