Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

mardi 4 décembre 2012

What does a yogic mummy do? Everything that every other mummy does the world over and tries to slot some yoga practise and meditation into her life and daily routine... at the same time as not having a 9-5 job and working all the hours god sends. Hey ho! But boy are we full of prana!

So this yogic mummy has as ever been full on not only with paris trip, teaching, Winter season preparations and major snow clearing! But she has also been trying to find a way to practise that can balance and enhance her life and life style at the moment. That is propabaly the crucial part of our yoga practise in any form - using the tools given to us to create the harmony that our daily routine or physical activity of the day may be throwing off balance. Using asana practise to ground or energise, meditation to revitalise and replenish is not only nourishing but also becomes YOUR yoga practise. A personal journey of union. That is really all we can aim and hope for - its not a bad thing more a great one.....all of our journies are different, all of our lifestyles and stories different. Going to a class or taking one online is absolutely amazing of course as we tap into the collective energy which can in itself help us reconnect or learn to give and receive. But our personal practise is so my deeper as we start to tune in to what we need and deep down know we need......

Be truthful therefore to yourself and tune in on a regular basis as there is no better source of nourishment. So take some time out today, take a deep breath and ...... go deep inside to practise externally. namaste

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