Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

jeudi 1 août 2013

Its the Summer Holidays but tan aside Ihav to say I have not really had a chance to notice
My poor children are left a little to their own devices - although with a large garden, a pool, a trampoline and enough DVDs to start a shop I have to say they haven't noticed!

It is height of seaso in our gites, the garden is looking splendid, its hot and yes I am practicing daily as well as running, swimming and cycling so not just working but boy am I working too!

So many things happening at the moment I could soooooo do with assistance. Christian is ably helping in the gites of course but I need someone to take hold of ly life and go charlotte its ok I will do this for you.... will you? really? I cry tears in my eyes....

then I wake up :))))))

daily I kiss my increasingly tanned and in my eyes beautiful children and marvel at what I have created
daily I thank God for the special gifts and challenges he has given me
daily I sent out love....

after all its all we can do

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