Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

lundi 12 août 2013

The role of Mummy... what are we really supposed to be?
Sometimes I feel like I am supposed to live up to ALL of the expectations of not only my children but of my parents and society too.

What if we can just be happy to be the Mummy that we are?

I am not my Mummy and never will be . I have echoes of my childhood in me, I teach my children to be polite, honest, say please and thankyou, wash their hands before they eat, do their homework ....
I am trying to teach them life values and some basic life skills - cooking, eating healthy, reading to expand the mind, keeping clean, the value of money and working hard.
Biut I am also teaching them to sing, laugh, dance freely in the garden, express themselves openly with respect....

I am not however a great stay at home all the time Mummy - I love my children and will always love them but I am not the Mummy that is constantly behind and with their children. Its just not me nor my role. I believe that I can still be me, a woman, a human being of beauty and integrity who loves life, dancing, practising yoga, running and living her life too. I don't think that sacrificing myself for my children has ever received a big thankyou from the children concerned so why do it?

That said its the Summer Holidays and as my children get freckled and brown, as I turn a deeper shade of brown I have been seen making biscuits in the kitchen with Clementine, swimming in the pool with my babies, massaging them and giggling with them, singing and dancing in our courtyard to Amy Winehouse and James Arthur.... and I was there to hold my nearly 10 year olds hand when she had her ears pierced last week almost as excited as she was.

Because that's what this Mummy is for!

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