Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

mardi 29 juillet 2014

Its the Summer & boy has this yogic mummy been busy

So yes we have arrived in July and I realise I haven't written a thing since May.

However I have been totally busy!
It has been the most hectic two months ever with a massive move from my Gites in the Ardeche as they sold on 5th May back up to Savoie, workshops in Paris, school holidays and beach time fun and buying a new house plus renovating it (not totally finished).

A massive whirlwind of events BUT

Incredibly all is sorting itself out now and I have to thank my children for being sooooo good about the whole moving thing and my beautiful ex husband and friend for life Christian for helping so much with the renovations. It has all been quite a journey but I have practiced, prayed, meditated and thanked along the way and I am so pleased to say that my body and mind have coped better than even I could have expected.

My new home is gorgeous and so homely and safe. The girls feel happy here and so do i

Gratitude …...

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