Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

mardi 30 novembre 2010

30the November 2010

So as you can tell by the gap in entries the life of this yogic mummy is rather frantic with the run up to Christmas, the start of the Winter season for my classes, a workshop I held on Sunday in Val d'Isere and a very busy trip to Paris and London to help plan and sort out my new online projects....more to follow! The girls were glad to have their mummy back and me to see them - melodie has started back skiing and loves it and Clementine has finally started to enjoy the child minders - little Noami helps considerably! The girls are very excited about Christmas so amid yoga plans and accounts and of course my own practise I have found the advent calendar we made last year and will be getting it ready tonight for the first window tomorrow morning. No doubt there will a fight for who opens the window but we shall try and be loving referees as and when we can. Practise this morning at 6.30am was a little harsh but melodie is now walking to the bus on her own so that takes a little of the morning strain off her mummy and daddy. Snowy and windy here today so an ideal day to get on with some admin - hence this entry.....stay well and warm....namaste

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