Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

samedi 12 février 2011

Saturday 12th February 2011

So another full day with a lovely couple of hours spent with melodie on the balcony in the sunshine explaining about our projects to sponsor children and their education around the world....a child in Haiti, a little girl in Bylakuppe, India aand our wonderful Pennies for Peace campaign headed by Greg Mortenson to build schools in Afganistan and Pakistan. Things started to get a little on top of melater - just too many things happening at the moment - so I went to my room and did a great online practise with Elena Brower and created space and release thank god! Melodie did her own version of kids yoga in the lounge and then we all had a go at crow pose! Clementine then joined Pap for a couple of warriors whilst Melodie helped me with the rissoto - a family affair....

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