Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

jeudi 17 octobre 2013


It has been just manic the past two weeks with so many trains, métros, cars, different beds, chit chatting, promoting, liaising, teaching, working, not too much playing but lots of smiles, hugs and did I mention the travelling?

How many times did I empty the battery of my iPhone and how many different places did I connect from.....
And no I am home

at least for a few days before I head to London for yet more days of yoga and meetings....
October is such an intense month and I sometimes forget just how beautiful it is in the Ardeche at this time. Today the sun shone bright and strong, I mowed the lawn and listened to the birds and practiced yoga in the beautiful October heat with the leaves turning colour almost as I practiced and the chestnuts fell all around me.

And my girls?
Well they enjoyed a Mummy and shopping day yesterday and I enjoyed seeing them smiling, laughing and playing.

Home .....

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