Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

jeudi 10 octobre 2013

Paris - Redon - Nantes - Bordeaux - Paris

Its been a massive few days and still the yoga festival to come
I have fitted in my bedtime stories from a monastery, a café, dinner with friends and a train
As this travelling yogini Mum heads around France to spread the yogic word and keep things buzzing for her web site and yoga world.
It is a whirlwind of events, exchanges and travel - I know the sncf back to front now! but the residing thing that keeps coming out is how much love you can spread by simply being in front of people, taking their hand, smiling and sharing.... I am heading to Paris to just that this weekend for the Yoga Festival then I am heading straight back down to do that very same thing x 1000 to my girls

missing them terribly
love you ... love you more ... love you most

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