Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

jeudi 23 septembre 2010

Busy Yogic Mummy!

Well so much has been happening of late that the entries have slowed down a little - sorry for that! It is such an intense but incredibly creative time at the moment with many project underway - I am so excited about them all and continue to be inspired by this amazing yogic journey I find myself on. One of the project is I'm reworking the DVDs at the moment and they will soon be available in English for more people to enjoy - I actually did m own yoga dvd the other night to check out the order of play for rerecording the sessions and the lunar sessions are just lovely! I actually forgot it was me after a while! India is fast approaching and we are so looking forward to this amazing trip and all that it brings! The girls continue to inspire me and keep me on a humble and very real track of life watching with wide eyes life as it progresses and grows infront of us. The full moon energy at the oment is just incredible too - look out tonight - it is truly awe inspiring! Take care of you all. Namaste

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