Mountain Yoga!

Mountain Yoga!

lundi 13 septembre 2010

Monday 13th September my Mum's birthday

and for once she is here in the Ardeche so we had a lovely breakfast in the sun and then tea and cakes this afternoon. So lovely to share moments like that together - the girls loved the smartie cakes too! Finally finished cutting the lavender too which is great as the hands really feel it afterwards. I saw a friend today who I hadn't seen for ages and she has just started finding her feeet after cancer and treatment but she is fighting back hard...huge hugs to people who have been struggling make you and them feel so good! Do it more often...and laugh outloud as much as you can it is so refreshing. Off to teach shortly so am going to prepare yogically .....have an amazing evening and enjoy those around you - hug them as much as you can!

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